Sailors Grave

Sailors Grave. Proudly Australian.


Brewed with ingredients from the microbrewery’s coastal surrounds, Sailors Grave create beers as diverse and beautiful as the people who drink them. In fact, the ingredients for the Sea Urchin and Lemon Myrtle brew featured here were harvested by an Indigenous Elder.

This spot was created for the 2019 Good Beer Week’s Brewin Transfer Advertising Diversity Competition. It won both the Judges Award and Crowd Favourite.

Art Director: Chris Hince   Copywriter: Andy Segal.

“The Sailor’s Grave spot did something remarkable. Not only did it speak to two marginalised audiences, its perfectly balanced execution, which combined warmth, wit and a neat twist, succeeded in achieving something greater. It taught us a lesson about our own preconceptions. It taught us not to presume. It reaffirmed in a deft executional touch that love is love. Ten out of ten from me.”

– Jim Ritchie,  Brewin Transfer Judge. Creative Director of Bastion State.
Client: Sailor's Grave