Kogan Range

Kogan – Can Get

For kogan.com’s first-ever campaign, we proved that you can get practically anything you want, quick smart.



Australians only thought of Kogan as an online electronics retailer. As COVID-19 hit, international online retailers like Amazon had long delivery wait times, but still no one was going to kogan.com.


Kogan had a tight budget, and a tighter deadline, but they needed the mass reach of TV. The only assets they had were their products. Their limitation became our inspiration to showcase the weird and wonderful things you can get, quick smart at kogan.com


Upon launch, the search results for ‘pizza’ on kogan.com went up 800%
kogan.com’s share price on ASX reached an all-time high.

Art Director: Chris Hince   Copywriter: Andy Segal.   ECD: Glenn Dalton


End of Year Campaign


Art Director: Chris Hince   Copywriter: Andy Segal.   ECD: Glenn Dalton



Client: Kogan.com