Kogan Brand

Giving suspicious eyes a reason to believe.

Aussies love a deal, but many saw Kogan.com as suspiciously cheap. We had to shift perception from “that’s way too cheap to be any good” to “that’s awesomely low.”

And so, ‘Clickin’ Awesome’ was born – a whole new brand platform, where every execution told another part of Kogan.com’s awesomely low-price story. But we had to do it in a way that got attention.

We launched with two spots showcasing Kogan.com’s supreme negotiating skills, then stretched across OOH, radio, and on Kogan.com we created the Lowdown which went into more detail than we care to detail here.


ECD (Art Director): Chris Hince
ECD (Writer): Andy Segal
Client: Kogan.com