Gruen Pitch

Gruen 2019 – Double the Clever

For the ABC’s Gruen pitch, we were tasked with convincing Australians that we need to double our population.  Looking back at Australia’s history, we found that we seriously punch above our weight when it comes to world-changing inventions. If we doubled our population, we’d double our clever. And that would mean so many more incredible inventions that we can only dream of right now.

Art Director: Chris Hince   Copywriter: Andy Segal.   ECD: Glenn Dalton


Gruen 2020 – The Knobs in Canberra

We were invited back by Gruen and this time, our task was to convince Australians that we shouldn’t pay taxes. To do this, we wanted one fact that would perfectly symbolise the irresponsible spending by our politicians. And we found it. Scott Morrison once commissioned an $800 doorknob for a government office in Canberra that never got used.

Art Director: Chris Hince   Copywriter: Andy Segal.   ECD: Glenn Dalton