About Us

Chris “Hincey” Hince & Andy “Andy” Segal 

25 years in the industry. 10 years together. We celebrated with a bespoke gold leaf donut.

We love the challenge every brief brings. We embrace it. Thrive on it. It’s how we get our kicks. We’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with talented, nice, funny, intelligent people from all over the world.

We’re Creative Directors and Award School Tutors. But that’s not all that defines us. Here’s a little about each of us.

Chris ‘Hincey’ Hince: Co-founder of Lil’Bit organic cleaning products. Beekeeper and owner of Smiths Beach Honey. Life drawing student. The one with the perfectly-art-directed hair.

Andy ‘Andy’ Segal: Author of a Christmas story for Jewish kids, ‘Ho, ho, ho. It’s Santa Clausteinbaumowicz.’ Song writer under the name ‘Hopeless Romantic’ and extremely-micro foodie influencer on Insta as @andysplate_

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Winner Mumbrella Commscon Awards 2022 – Best Influencer Strategy
Highly Commended Mumbrella Commscon Awards 2022 – Best B2B Campaign
Overall Winner: Good Beer Week Brewin Transfer Diversity Comp, 2019
Spikes: Bronze, Long Term Effectiveness, 2018
Effies: Silver, Long Term Effects, 2018
APAC Effies: Bronze, Automotive, 2017
Effies: Silver Long Term Effects, 2017
Effies: Bronze, Return on Investment, 2017
MFA Awards: Grand Prix, Long Term Effects, 2017
Effies: Bronze, Other Consumer Goods, 2016
APAC Effies: Bronze, Automotive, 2016
Effies: Silver, Return on Investment, 2015
Spikes: Silver, Mobile, 2015
ADFEST ‘Mobile Lotus’ Bronze 2015
JWT Global Commodore Award: Chairman’s Prize, 2013
MADC ‘Best Integrated Campaign’ Gold, 2012
MADC ‘Best Promotional Campaign’ Bronze, 2012
MADC ‘Best Print Campaign’ Highly Commended, 2010
AFA Effectiveness Award, 2007
MADC, Bronze for 30 second radio, 2006

Now a word from our sponsor …

“Chris and Andy; like a fresh cocktail of resilience and craft, served with a healthy dose of “I wasn’t expecting that.” These two have a unique ability to pick apart an audience mindset, connect via intrigue or fitting proposition, then bring them on a journey from ‘like’ to ‘want’ to ‘where can I buy’. At its core, Chris and Andy’s work stems from two under-appreciated crafts: on one side sits an enduring visual skillset, one that out-fashions fashion. While on the other is a genuine ability to story tell, media agnostic, hanging on every word type engagement. Specific credence should be paid to their work in evolving the Ford Ranger’s brand in Australia from a product with potential in 2015 through to Australia’s most aspired Truck brand in 2018.”

– David Noonan, Marketing Communications Manager, Ford Australia.



We have been the ECDs of Hardhat since late 2023. Here are some of the projects we have led in that time.

Lite n’ Easy

ECD: Andy Segal & Chris Hince
Copywriter: Jonathan Heath, Art Directors: Mark Thompson & Chris Hince